Hawley Funeral | Arranging a Funeral
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Arranging a Funeral

From your phone call we start organising your loved ones’ farewell. No matter where the death occurs whether at home, in hospital, in a nursing home, care facility or anywhere, distance doesn’t matter, we will help with all necessary arrangements without any fuss. Our aim is to give the very best advice and help we can to assist you to make the right choices. We make contact and liaise with Clergy and Celebrants, Churches or oganisations. Attend to all bookings and lawful requirements for crematoriums & cemeteries, newspapers and advertising. We stay in contact with you. Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to understand the demands on families following a death. It is our role to carefully deal with and organise things on your behalf so you can be where you are needed most.

  • We explain options, give advice and outline expenses to you prior to any decisions you need to make.
  • We have a strong work ethic.
  • Our Funeral Hardware is purchased from Australian based Businesses.
  • We are members of The Funeral Directors Association of NSW.
  • Our Manager, Lea Mitchell is a Justice of the Peace.


We organise floral tributes through our own dedicated florist. Alternatively we will obtain flowers from the florist of your choice.

  • Casket Covers
  • Single Flowers
  • Petals


We are able to organise & supply photo memorial leaflets, powerpoint presentations for use in most Crematoriums & Churches (if allowed & time permitting) in the Hunter Valley.


We charge a professional fee for our involvement in making sure the Funeral Service that you require happens. The list below outlines what information impacts on price. TO REQUEST A QUOTE. Please do not hesitate to call or submit your query through our ‘Contact Us’ form.

Things that need to be considered;

  • Coffin or casket (depends on choice and size)
  • Removal and transport from place of death. This also depends on when and where this happens and urgency of removal.
  • Burial (Cemetery fees vary between & within different cemeteries)
  • Grave digging (Prices differ depending on cemetery)
  • Cremation (Crematorium fees vary between different crematoriums) & Medical Cremation Certificates
  • Church, Clergy, Organist & or Celebrant expenses.
  • Newspaper notices or any advertising requested.
  • Additional services if required (Floral tribute, supply & printing of Memorial Service leaflets & Powerpoint presentations.)